The opportunities are endless!  Here is your chance to make a difference in the lives of our youth – students in both Junior High and High School.  (Background checks will be performed for all those interacting with youth)

Here are a few good ways you can get involved:

  • Volunteer on Wednesday nights (small group leaders, servers, clean up, or babysitting children of others in leadership)
  • Provide snacks for youth meetings (Rotation schedule for Wed. night snack is approx. once every two months – if you like to bake, they love to eat it!)
  • Chaperone or drive for events
  • Support fund-raisers or provide scholarships (hire a youth so they can earn money toward camp throughout the year)
  • Host events in your home (do you have a pool to share? a game room? a large gathering spot? a bonfire pit? A cabin for retreats? Want to teach a skill: cooking, sewing, woodwork, etc…)
  • Mentor students (become a small group leader on Wednesday night, or be intentional to meet with a student on a regular basis)
  • Prayer Ministry  (praying for specific requests, or in general, for youth and the youth leaders)

For more info contact Noel Rathmel.